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martes, junio 07, 2005

For once..

Once again, I learned or experienced how it feels to be a Wind0ze user - endless whining on crashing problems.. slow bootups/shutdowns/restarts/updates.. driver handling errors.. stupid configs.. dumb applications.. a useless console.. memory shortage.. all of these stuffs turning your expensive PC into a useless junk. It's like.. "when will they ever learn?"... Who would even know that a config in a dial-up adapter in wind0ze 98 also affects another config on another adapter for LAN? Oh well.. I might now be that knowledgeable on wind0ze systems, but for sure I knew how to setup the basic stuffs to make the PC to work - and this is only possible if the system itself is stable just like MACs.

Yesterday, the thought on Bill Gates having no diploma yet was very successful (quoted from YSpeak) caught my attention.. Why? Obviously, I would tend to disagree.. what happened to that long-waited Longhorn? Other M$ products? Are those stuffs really successful? In what way? I would agree that those things are successful in fooling people to buy their products.. and so on.

And so this article explains why I had been so very drowsy last summer.. but it was not due to making diaries (or blogs)! Somehow, that might have been so very exaggerated..

Exaggeration - you can see a lot of this everyday, everywhere, and everytime.
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