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miércoles, abril 13, 2005

Installing Dilemma 0.9X

Fantastic! I had just made an upgrade on my system and it was now already running kernel 2.6-11 from its previous 2.6-9, skipping the upgrade of kernel 2.6-10 since the latest kernel was already in the updates-released list of the Red Hat Network, or should I say Fedora Community. Last night, i came across a How-To containing a batch install of LAMP (which i had difficulty compiling it earlier).. and knowing that graphical install version looks kinda hell lot easier, I had a dilemma of removing the present configuration and deleting everything or just to stay with my compiled setup and move on compiling other packages to work with it as well. I had also discovered how to use RSS feeds but I don't have idea yet on how to make one except for the fact that i knew it contained HTML-like tags, etc.. Or maybe I should just grab a RSS creator. I had seen Sage on LXer, which was my present homepage and did some tests and RTFMs, and POOF! I had a feed reader installed! (Very happy)

For the meantime, I am presently developing a new template for my resource site. I'm tired of seeing blogs the usual way and I'm also thinking of using Mambo CMS instead. Well, the system is great only ignoring the setup process that it requires like AFAIK, the LAMP setup which I had a dilemma before. I'm also thinking of making or looking for a random color generator since I want my fonts to be appealing to the eye or somewhat unique instead of redundant ones; obviously, I can't use dark colors on this template.

On the bright side, Fedora Core 4 will be released this June containing the upcoming Open Office 2 which is now on version 1.9X. I wondering how that setup would work plus the fact that it might be easier to upgrade from 1.9X to 2.0 because of easy-reference repositories and a YUM Extender, a graphical version of YUM added with some utilities like listing the latest packages on different repos and fixing dependencies in case of problems with application dependency and it can even install or remove kernel with ease. I hope that my upgrade with FC4 will be painless.
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