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viernes, abril 02, 2004

Software Piracy

Filipinos nowadays need to be efficient in earning money. With the emergence of cheap copying machines that are available everywhere – from photocopying machines in libraries to gaming CD writers in malls, the protection of intellectual property rights is being ignored. People forget the value of ownership and are ignorant on copyright. Unauthorized copying of CD and software, which is software piracy, is being done as a means of livelihood.

People are unaware or pretend to be unaware of breaking the law when they do software piracy, because they do not directly harm anyone or do any damage to Mother Earth. Software piracy is considered a hobby by some persons but is considered an occupation by other people, because it is easy to do. One can take hold of an original software, copy its contents, and reproduce it in many different forms in a few minutes. Filipinos nowadays are efficient in copying or imitating. They like to have easy money through simple means without considering the laws being violated.

Filipinos prefer to buy pirated software than original software because it is cheaper. The government is having a hard time in stopping the production of pirated softwares because Filipinos prefer to by them for its cheaper cost. Penalties charged to producers of pirated softwares are small as compared to their income. So whenever they are caught, they pay the penalties and later transfer to another area to start producing all over again.

But if each Filipino will consider the quality of the software, and could be informed about the existence of software that are freeware and shareware in the Internet and even in the market, this software piracy could be easily stopped. Freeware is a software that is available for use at no cost; while shareware is a software that is available for trial use at little or no cost, but which can be upgraded upon payment of a fee to the author.

It might be true that information belongs to the people, but the mode of accessing such information should be done through ethical means and not illegally. Software piracy is a cheaper way of spreading information, but it is done without the authority of the author or the original creator of the software, and so it should be stopped.

...a year after, i found my reaction paper very different from the views that I had at the present time..
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