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sábado, marzo 19, 2005

The Inferno!!!

The Armorer's HellForge of Inferno

“Before the beginning, after the great war between heaven and hell,
God created the earth and gave dominion over it to the crafty ape he called man..
And to each generation was born a creature of life and a creature of darkness..
and great armies clashed by night in the ancient war between good and evil..
There was magic then, nobility, and unimaginable cruelty..
So it was, until the day that a false sun exploded over trinity
and man forever traded away wonder for reason.”

These were the words that trembled my mind
as I bade my friend Juliette a farewell for that night.
Then I found myself in a dream– in the middle of an uninhabited place;
it was a time when hope was still high and life worth living. 4

As I inched my way over the vast, endless desert,
I heard a familiar voice constantly whispering through the wilderness.
Hearing the choppy and monotonous tone, I finally attained Point Pleasant;
Only in that time when I realized that I was not alone in this imaginary world. 8

In our life, there were numerous exceptions– virtual fantasy becomes reality;
from where I stood, I felt the presence of the power of unlimited freedom in my hands.
Everything imaginable seemed to be permissible; no one is there to judge morality.
I therefore concluded that the place where I was– the Inferno I had once imagined. 12

I started to explore and went for the nearest city I could find-
a town with a very unusual environment; it was flooded by traffic signs everywhere.
As i sneaked my way through the scenery, I noticed “No Left/Right turn” signs
that made the entire town a hopeless place for development. 16

The rules made by the mayor of the city were clear;
it was very transparent that the citizens' eyes did not noticed the flaws behind it.
Their eyes were forever frozen with pink irises, everything they saw was pink-
from engines to waiting sheds, it made the city's situation very miserable. 20

Disappointed on the life in the highways, I decided to search for greener pastures;
I was shocked and curious to see a church while it is having a special event.
It was a funeral of an old popular actor, a King,
everyone regarded him as a leader and the recent one as their President. 24

I followed the long lines of the crowd towards the inside of the tabernacle,
the place that was supposed to be a house of prayer turned into a marketplace.
The temple was close enough to a pack of sardines- the building was very populated
and the effects were obvious- all forms of trash and vandalism were scattered everywhere. 28

Feeling dizzy, I raced to the door to breathe for fresh air,
not able to withstand the condition of the happenings inside,
I could not forget how the people look to be misinformed and brainwashed-
everything seemed to be normal for them, but not until the event was over. 32

As soon as the funeral concluded, the people's lives were worsened-
each was forced to clean the garbage around the temple.
The cleaning was good in itself but everything backfired earlier:
all of them suffered leprosy in the process. 36

Phew! Could I had spent more time inside the church,
I might had been a piece of garbage too, and worst, to die as the bacteria consumes me up.
And the church that was supposed to be a house of worship,
turned out to be a house of plagues and the source of terror and chaos. 40

Continuing with my journey, I followed with more curiosity than ever,
a pathway of tiles leading to another establishment,
it looked more like a secular school to me-
an academe with its foundations and designs just like the church beside it. 44

At last, a person approached me from inside the academe-
one that looked like a mad scientist asked me:
“Is Hell exothermic or endothermic?”; I answered, “I don't know”.
And then he left me like I was such a freak- the ones usually bullied in colleges. 48

One thing I could recall from that scientist-like man,
stitches were around his forehead- just like the ones seen on Frankenstein,
hands were tired from hard work, eyes were bulging with eye bags,
and his body looked exhausted; he was like me except for the stitches on the head. 52

Soon after the mad scientist had left, I came across the academe's athletic field,
a wide open field covered with lahar instead of green grasses.
It was more than enough for the field to create a huge tornado which is very usual in open areas-
one that could cause blindness and severe asthma to the entire community of the academe. 56

I decided to trace the mad scientist's way through the corridors,
classrooms were empty and even the canteen was out of customers,
and as I made a turn in one of the corridors,
I came across the noisiest, perhaps the most populated area of the academe- the library. 60

I was right at concluding it was the most crowded place of the academe,
the foulest smell I had ever encountered circulated the place,
I was astonished to see everyone in the library were holding a book
and all eyes were straight down to what they were reading- perhaps a required long reading. 64

Finally, I discovered the source of the foul smell
that haunted me from the moment I met the mad scientist.
The stench came from the foreheads containing the stitches-
those were like fluids that came out from the brain. 68

The greediness of the whole academe- students, teachers and scientists-
hunger for knowledge and wisdom- the probable cause of the Original Sin.
It made their brains to grow abnormally large
which the stitches control on their foreheads. 72

Terrified on what I had watched, I left the academe as quick as I could,
I came across an Internet cafe which offers online gaming.
I chose to play the famous game of all time
and I was surprised to see the specifications of the game. 76

As the list of characters popped up, I noticed something weird,
familiar faces, hairstyles, and body were all over the options.
My friends that were addicted to playing Ragnarok, turned out to be puppets of the entire game-
they got the chance to play it in real life, but of course, there would be a point of no return. 80

There was a waste of money, but indeed that was much better
than consuming it for academic institutions and get themselves tired of studying.
Sleep was still in a gamer's vocabulary unlike for the students of the academe;
Eating was also part of former's habit just like the usual cases in a computer game. 84
As soon as I had finished a level of the computer game, the machine froze.
It was only that time I realized I had just used a tool of the virtual devil.
Unfortunately, I had been tempted and used too but as long as I have faith,
I know my way back to goodness- I still have a choice to make. 88

“Gates” of Hell – the virtual devil, might have failed through me,
but he had actually succeeded earlier, in a lot of ways far more than imaginable;
He had built and conquered more than thousands of corporations
and had captured the minds of the people everywhere. 92

Upon learning that I had survived Gates' hypnotism and core strategies,
it was also the time I clearly heard the voice that was humming from the wilderness,
in a monotonous voice, Juliette echoed: “You had experienced the BSOD. Terminated.”,
and I woke up learning that all of it was just a simple dream of my Inferno- I returned to sleep. 96

And again I had a dream that my life would be
so much different from the Hell I had seen
so different now from what it seemed
but life has killed the dream I dreamed. 100


Anonymous Anónimo said...

kakaiba ka tlaga...

9:20 p. m.  
Anonymous tam said...

una sa lahat, masakit sa mata ang pula... ikalawa, ang O.A. naman! hahahahaha! pero maayos naman ang kwento mo. kakaiba nga.

10:50 p. m.  

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