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sábado, marzo 26, 2005

Geektalk II

During the past days, I was just recovering from the toxifying events by sleeping, eating, watching tv without even worrying about the coming finals, exams, INCs, presentations, enlistment for summer and even for the first sem! Well.. at those times, I tried OpenOffice 2.0 Base and it was running good except that it was only a beta that make it some kind of buggy or still error-prone. But at least, I knew how that program works and it is indeed simple to use it than to make hard codes of databases. For a hard-code programmer like me, automating such kinds of programs sometimes make it more hassle because of the predefined or default settings and sometimes one can't configure entirely the whole system which obviously is a drawback. And this was one of the reasons why i hate WYSIWYG stuffs without really knowing how every part of it works.

And then, I compiled Apache server again without getting the .rpms available in the Yum repositories and i started from source codes. I should have finished setting those libraries so that I can continue the old stuff I worked on last first sem which is Linux-Apache-PostgreSQL-PHP (LAPP) or if MySQL is the database, it is called Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP (LAMP). I had tried running BeatriX and Simply MEPIS in the ILS library and both run smooth! I also burned PHLAK and The OpenCD - contains Free and Open Source Software in .exe formats (obviously, it was designed for Wind0ze). The Battle for Wesnoth game was amazing; it is just 80+ MB and it runs great on Wind0ze and Linux (I tested it on both Linux and Wind0ze (unfortunately)).

And I will gonna recommend The Open CD to my friends so that they would know that there were indeed a lot of free and open source softwares out there and those were gonna cost them $ 0.

Right now, I had also changed my monitor to a 17" but maybe in a matter of months only.

Well this half-week vacation was a very satisfying one.. except for the worries on the coming finals.. especially this coming Monday. Damn.

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