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miércoles, marzo 16, 2005

I feel the earth move on top of my head...

Phew! At last, MP2 was finished (but not entirely).. i waz just hopin for a miracle to happen to get things to work until the very last day of this Pre-Hell Week.. there's still an INC to accomplish at UPM (i wonder if there'll still be time left to go to Manila) Tick-tock..

Things to do? Here it goes:

  • MATH 54 - i have a take home problem set which is a part of my last long exam this coming Friday. Too bad i forgot to grab a bluebook for it.. I'm hopin that I'll have one in a matter of hours.. without going to UP.

  • CS12 MP1 - i wonder if i still need to finish this.. kinda pointless

  • LIS 71 - a final paper.. looks/sounds simple but it's hard to think of topics.. especially the ones i'm not interested to.. PLUS a final exam (some sort of game or whatever)

  • LIS 61 - nothing? except for the coming finals which includes memorizing some weird stuffs.. and I can't see the point about storing those data into my brain..

  • ENG 12 - got some readings and a take home exam that will be given to us tomorrow to be passed the next day.. crappy deadline. But at least, i already have copies of most (AFAIK) of the readings listed in its course outline.

So.. these are the earths movin on top of my head.. I can't even think of extra-curricular stuffs (like parties, filmviewings [ although I could do it while munching right in front of my PC ]...

Anyway.. good luck to myself and to everyone..

Hope in finishing everything.. GOD-SPEED powered by the Art of Cramming.
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