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viernes, marzo 18, 2005

Severe Trauma..

"Halika na.. pumikit limutin ang problema...Hihintayin ang umaga
Magpahinga, panaginip ang ikaliligaya...Darating din ang umaga.."

Stupid me. I just can't imagine or maybe I really don't wanna see the sad face of a friend.. Felt so ashamed i had just roamed the perimeter and didn't actually showed myself.. Or was it because of the fear of being feared? the attack of conscience? Right now, my eyes were somehow watery, but I had never wept with real teardrops since my grade school days.. is there a need to shed tears just to show people they care? Happy are they who shed tears, for they think that every feeling of bitterness and sadness go away in permanence, never to return again. And happy are they who never shed tears, just kept on smiling.. trying to cheer up the sad faces of his friends even though deep inside his heart, the feeling is worse.. and I am one of the latter.. looks very emotionless and still, but deep inside is like a stormy weather.

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