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domingo, marzo 20, 2005


Sneakpeeks from my crammed English 12 exams. ha-ha.

Situation 1: The first choice is to clone men and return them to the population (with the risk of returning as well the patriarchal systems created by men). The second choice is to clone male sperm for the purposes of artificial insemination, thus ensuring the extinction of the male gender (all the new babies born will be female).

If Virginia Woolf has a choice in this situation, I believe that she will not hesitate in choosing the second choice which is to clone male sperm for the purposes of artificial insemination that will ensure the extinction of the male gender. She will finally have the dream that women are only weak because of the patriarchal system that had existed before and now it is gone. She will be glad to proclaim throughout the universe that she was really right all the time. Since the extinction of the male gender will be guaranteed through selective cloning, Woolf makes most of her theories to be true just like what she said that “women have served all these centuries as looking-glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of man at twice its natural size”. In this way, if ever there was a chance of experimenting for the production of a man, Woolf can easily change his ways by teaching him to be feminist too and to completely leave his manhood or patriarchal ways because of the lack of examples for that man to follow to. Woolf will also say that women are indeed more intellectual because they found themselves to be safe from the plague and the men had no chances of surviving the plague for they do not know how to avoid or protect themselves against it. Thus, Woolf lifts up the hierarchical status of women and finds every woman “a room of her own” by changing or reversing the patriarchal system and starting all over again with a different system of her own.

Situation 2: Choices: Pass the student or fail the student.

If Sindbad is going to be the instructor in this situation, it is very likely that he passes the student for he believes based from the challenges he had gone through, that this is the chance of the student to rise up and be even more successful as any highly-paid employee despite of the failed exams and excessive cuts. Sindbad believes that every living human can make his or her own luck and avoid dependency on everything and even everyone for the world is controlled by Fortune. Assuming that Sindbad sees the student as a hardworking scholar who tries everything possible to uplift her status and her family's situation, Sindbad expects that the student will be successful in the future. Just like what Sindbad's experiences are somewhat in a repetitive manner and even become worst, he manages to lift himself up from the poverty he has gone through after spending his father's inheritance before his first voyage. In each of his voyages he practices the value of hope to rise up despite of the problems he encounters just like the cyclical instances of being shipwrecked. “The same kind Providence that had befriended Sindbad on his first voyage is in his service every time in the same guise.” At this situation, Sindbad considers himself to be the student's Providence after eliminating some of the student's academic problems. After all, Sindbad has never been able to resist the pleadings of a woman just like the scene in which he slew a weeping woman wailing for her dead husband and for herself. It is also probable that Sindbad will think of his student as another “Sindbad” because she has 'survived by the wit of her mind and the work of her hands'. She uses her wit in asking Sindbad for consideration on her grades and is able to do it since Sindbad cannot resist the pleadings of a woman. The work of her hands is seen in the effort she made by begging to her instructor. Lastly, Sindbad knows that her student has a strong faith of graduating on time and getting a high-paying job in the future as compared to his experiences of having a strong faith to Allah.
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