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viernes, marzo 04, 2005

Toxicity II

Oh well.. as usual, summer was fast approaching again and Holy Week as well.. During the last two weeks, i felt that my life was miserable. I couldn't even believe that I had written my last sentence of the Inferno thirty minutes before the deadline. I was even on time when I got on the half-filled room.. just as usual that students intentionally don't come to class to have an excuse for the late submission of the project. I just hope that my mentor will see me through the poem I had created - it really reflected the academic life I had this second sem. It seemed that everything was messed up - from deleting working Machine Problems, numerous deadlines, some sort of difficult exams, lack of sleep.. or should I say no sleep at all? I just couldn't imagine or even estimate what my chances of having a GWA of 1.XXX .. even though I only had 17 units. This week was awesome but absolutely very tiring indeed. I lost on the very first programming competition in UP and it was a java programming competition for CS12 freshman students. I was included on the team even though I wasn't really a freshie or even a comsci student. But who cares? I felt that I am still rebuilding on my programming skills again because of a semester or two in which I barely make programs or even practice simple C programs..

Oh well.. at least, my mind was exposed to the reality or existence of hardwork... I really felt that I had exhausted every part of my brain and my whole body.. Eye bags were forming unlike the times when I used to sleep very late and there wouldn't be an evidence implicating it the next day I show up to people.

But obviously, there were times that somehow made some of my loneliness to cheer up.. While I and my classmates walked out after realizing that our professor would be late, I roamed over the hallways of that building until I finally made my way heading for the building of my next class. I didn't noticed that I'll be encountering "my past" in the road I chose. As I passed over the people jogging in a some sort of line or sequence, I was really confused.. not all smiles were supposed to be the smile that people used to show happiness.. After that scenery, I couldn't remember how I felt like I had an LSS working on me.. singing "Wherever You Will Go" .. and it really made people to look at the one humming or something like whispering its lyrics.. blablabla.. and I just continued as if nothing had really happened..

I wish that there would still be a time where time can expand over time. But it isn't, knowing the truth hurts. And again, there was another instance of a "sawsaw" in one of my classes.. but at least, he'd be deserving what he really deserves.

I hate 2nd sems. There's nothing we can do to change it. Shit happens.
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