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miércoles, febrero 02, 2005

Hell Spawn

Well..finally, my dreaded math 54 midterm exam was over. My mind got carried away like it lost its balance on top of my head because of brain overloading.. I still have two weeks to go for my machine problem. Luckily, i have some patches and/or parts working already.. the bad thing is.. the main program isn't finished yet. The week of hearts is fast approaching, i could already smell the aroma of love flowing in the air carried by the winds as the clouds continue to hush on the horizon. ..dreaming i can also have the chance to see my queen of hearts. (as if) indeed, let's say i had just did it.. hours ago.. those were the very moments right after the feeling of watery eyes - lacking enough sleep and/or rest.. staring at the peaceful night sky as the UP Philcoa jeep took its way around the Elliptical (is it really elliptical or circular?) Road.. well.. enough of these math 54 terms.. eccentricity? Nah.. i'd rather stop this. And then, there i was..standing.. stressed-out, tired of standing even just for minutes even though i'm from an exam in which, all the time i'm sitted on a seat doomed with the curse on previous students who had taken the same exam on an earlier schedule. As i took a step, i had not reacted right away.. a voice called me.. and there was this goddess.. and there was i.. somehow stuttered and frozen.. thinking why i had met her..

Or am i just daydreaming? (even though it is sun-down).. haha


Anonymous ang pinakakyut mong kaibigan said...

*hehehehe* naaalala ko tuloy ung boses mo nung nagreport tayo s lis55(tama b?). enywys, uuyy sino yung "goddess" mo na un? yipee! my 'soon to be lover' ndin xa unlike me...wahuhuhu...*singhot*. hehe jst kiddn! ay! YIPPEE pla ulit 4 u finnshn ur math exam! bravo! alam ko n kakawindang math s UP based on my bigbros experienso' and so on... okay! next. -mimi

4:19 p. m.  

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