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martes, agosto 30, 2005


At the end of this day, I realized that I should have set the permissions for the PCs in our ILS lab and tested it first before letting its users experiment on it. It's kinda weird that the permissions for the MySQL client got flushed because it's supposed to work already without any necessary configurations to repair. But at least, I had already rechecked all of the computers in just an hour while installing Fedora Core 4 to two computers that previously run on Mandrake.


I heard someone say that M$ Access is better or maybe easier to learn than MySQL. But that's good, if the user owns a licensed/authentic version of the program and is really proud (like Hell) in using it. Forget about the price *wink* and the problems bundled with it as well. It's just that I would rather share FOSS with my fellow classmates than to advocate proprietary ones.

When I got home, I was surprised or maybe devastated to watch the results of the impeachment proceedings. The oppositions walked out of the debate. Is this a delaying tactic? They were the ones that argued before that the suspension yesterday was a political move by the administration to delay everything. But from my view, it favors the opposition more time to get that stupid 79 votes or signatures. The thing is that the requirement is just 1/3 (and not even 50%!), how come they weren't able to get such a number? Gheez. The weird part? Yes! Dinky ignited some stuff (out of nowhere - without any basis at all) to the press interviews before the proceedings started. Obviously, everything was planned but it wasn't flawless. If Dinky really knew that stuff, why only now?

In an interview on the ANC, she said that it's up to the people to judge.. blablabla.. to see "our truths". Or maybe she was really referring to the people that didn't know anything at all with regards to the political controversies everywhere. It's obviously easier to brainwash such communities if they do not know the real issue in the first place.

Now, I really believe that Philippines is a place where actors make rules and politicians entertain. Why? Read on (the words are somewhat close to the real version..it's the humor that counts!):

1. (quoted from a recent ANC interview w/ Korina) - "..because that was only the time I make BABAD in Congress.." -> oh.. talaga? Telebabad ba yan? Nag-i-soak?

2. (from the opposition) - "Isang boto lang talaga ang hindi nabibili, at yun ay ang boto ng Panginoon" -> malamang naman siguro alam ng bawat tao yun ano? Ano ka ba, hilo? hello?? Pero teka, sino ba Panginoon mo?

3. It's very funny to see how "future leaders" like Susan Power violate some simple rules in the impeachment proceedings such as clapping, etc.

Oh well..
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