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domingo, diciembre 26, 2004


At last, my installation of my machine was a success! Maybe i was just lucky or maybe i should've known choosing the option of installing the boot loader on the MBR instead of the primary partition. I thought my wind0ze would be removed (as if i care about Wind0ze, LOL) . It was all after a week that I've learned my lesson well and it was really deserving. Somehow, im pissed off because of my hardware errors but the real reason why im so irritated especially last week was the situation that had happened at Sto. Domingo Church. Let FPJ R.I.P as my sign of respect, but how about FPJ's fans? IMO, they're so lame. I couldn't even believe that some of the fans who lived in provinces made it to the city just to see him despite the economic crisis that the country is facing. Oh well...at least those were over, no more lame videos in the news showing chaos in a sacred place. ^^
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