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martes, diciembre 14, 2004

Ain't that a kick in the head...

LSS is damn terrible... At last, everything has been finished. 2 Machine Exercises for the whole weekend up to Monday morning before the deadly deadline, a Math 54 long quiz, reading tons of Eng 12 readings, what more can you wish for? Maybe after this night, there'd be no more sleepless nights just like yesterday... i almost fell on my seat because of drowziness.. gheez. 'Twas a good thing the prof dismissed us when i was already at the peak of 'sleepiness'. The week was somewhat like hell...but i treat it as a Christmas gift.. you wouldn't know the rewards waitin for you this season or even next year. I just hope that i can make a 'comeback' for next year.. I really need this xmas break...

I still need to do my INC. F*ck.


Anonymous Anónimo said...

I thought you're already done with your INC??? Anyway, congratulations!!!(brings out a party popper, hat and the whole sheebang...)Oh yeah, you weren't able to hand it to the prof because she wasn't there... I hope all goes well with you and by the way, no cursing. Just joking! :P Heheh

6:28 p. m.  

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