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sábado, diciembre 25, 2004


I've just eaten "noche buena" food thrice and the last one was at lunch time. The mass last night was somehow cool but it's too hot in the choir loft so i preferred to be at the side near a fan (as usual :D) . 'Tis so very difficult to sing especially at the night time when the sun is down, I can feel the cold feeling crawling up my skin reaching my diaphragm and throat making my nervous system to generate a 'tingling effect' that makes me shiver though it's very rare for me to feel the coldness of the air, only my stomach can feel its presence once it gets pissed off. And that's what i only hate about the cold season...Or maybe...it's just the longing for something..an entity that can give you warmth, easiness or softness feeling. But at least, somehow those experiences were so very unforgettable...clones of goddess Aphrodite were there. *grin* But i hate it when my voice gets stucked.. or simply.. "piyok" just because of lack of 'pitch stretching' before the mass. Besides, it was easy then when i was still a high school student, every year having a competition for christmas chorus..or "Paskorus".. and only in those times my vocal chords were fully stretched and i think i could even do a 'descant' and/or falsetto voice because of so many rehearsals instead of having classes. Those were the good times... i waz thinkin of joining a choral group but i can't focus yet... mind is too tired.. stressed out.. summer time is what im really waiting for to have a non-academic break (despite of having classes..haha).. christmas break is simply the season for love and belonging - family.

Right now, im still trying to upgrade my system..it's been almost a week.. i miss my linux box.. sigh. I think my machine needs a new cd drive and i can't find a way to get bucks for that one.. I also hate going out in the city especially during christmas holidays. Well, wish me luck... it's like over 30 times that i tried installing but my cd drive gets messed up. Oh well...

"Meri KISSmas" and glory to God on high!
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